Find Me as the Creature I Am: Poems (Knopf, 2024)

A Cruelty Special to Our Species: Poems (Ecco | HarperCollins, 2018)

  • Winner of the 2019 Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award
  • Finalist for the 2020 Kate Tufts Discovery Award

Korean Translation of A Cruelty Special to Our Species: 우리 종족의 특별한 잔인함 (Yolimwon, 2020)

  • Includes the English original text
  • Translated by Han Yujoo

Ordinary Misfortunes: Poems (Tupelo Press, 2017)

  • Winner of the 2017 Sunken Garden Chapbook Prize

Against Healing: Nine Korean Poets (Tilted Axis Press 2019)

  • Translating Feminisms Series
  • Out of Print – Available Digitally


“Evolution,” forthcoming in The New Republic

“Affection,” forthcoming in Action, Spectacle

“Love and Death Speaking at Once,” The Believer


“Gala,” The Rumpus.

“Ch’ŏŭmŭro sarangan saram,” [처음으로 사랑한 사람; One I Loved First] Toybox

“Kyŏnggyein,” [경계인; Person of the Margins] Toybox


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What Carries Us,“ POETRY

Elsewhere,“ New England Review


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Autopsy,” The New York Times Magazine

“Bell Theory” and “The Transformation” translated into Japanese, by Yamaguchi Isao, 『て、わたし』


American Dream,“ “Say Grace,” POETRY

“On the Day of the Gyeongju Earthquake, September 12, 2016,” Apogee

An Ordinary Misfortune,” Berkeley Poetry Review

Time, in Whales,” The New Yorker

The Transformation,” PEN Poetry Series

Easily written poem,” Zócalo Public Square

Bell Theory,” POETRY


An Ordinary Misfortune” [She offered him…], “An Ordinary Misfortune” [What is pressing…] Ploughshares (winner of the 2015 Emerging Writer’s Contest)

“An Ordinary Misfortune” [What is pressing…], “An Ordinary Misfortune” [Mine is the jam-packed train…], (originally published in Ploughshares and The Offing, respectively) Political Punch Anthology

“Fear,” Southern Humanities Review

“To the Winter Apricot Blossom,” “Foreigner,” “Notes,” OmniVerse

“Royal Azalea,” “Sometimes when I’m talking on this street,” Up the Staircase Quarterly

Today,” Reservoir (Re-titled to “Between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, Today“)

An Ordinary Misfortune,” “Man in Korean Costume,” HOUND

Obeli,” “Don’t Touch Me,” sections from “Testimonies” (“Hwang Keum-ju,” “Kim Soon-duk,” “Kim Yoon-shim,” and “Pak Kyung-soon”), “Hair,” The Volta


Comfort,” “An Ordinary Misfortune” [There was a man…], The Journal

An Ordinary Misfortune” [The trouble with trees…], “An Ordinary Misfortune” [Hunting ground…], “An Ordinary Misfortune” [News reports…] Pinwheel

Dream Devil,” The Collagist

3 sections from “Testimonies” (“Jin Kyung-paeng,” “Kang Duk-kyung,” and “Kim Sang-hi”)  Prelude

“Fetish,” Day One (Issue 2.38)

News,” Best of the Net 2014 (originally published and nominated by Tinderbox Poetry Journal)

An Ordinary Misfortune” [Mine is the jam-packed train…], “An Ordinary Misfortune” [Okamoto condoms…], The Offing

Separation,” “The Colonized,” “To the Winter Apricot Blossom,” The Margins

“It’s Dark In Here,” “My Grandmother Reminisces With Peaches,” “Your Poem About Another Woman,” Sugared Water 

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Hello Miss Pretty Bitch,” Rattle (Poets Respond)

“The First Woman to Caress My Naked Body,” The Home School

“A Woman Like,” Iris N. Spencer Awards – Early Years Anthology

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Let Us Part Like This,“ “News,” “Soren,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal


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Interview with Keum Suk Gendry-Kim: Imagining the Collective Memory of History,” Korean Literature Now

I Became Asian When I Left Asia,” The Cut


The Poetic Consequences of K-Pop,“ The Paris Review


Writers Recommend, Poets & Writers


“Anamnesis,” Cosmonauts Avenue (shortlisted for the 2015 SLS Montreal Flash Fiction contest)


An Expelled Tongue: Translating Kim Hyesoon” (interview with Don Mee Choi), The Margins 

Review of Odi Gonzales’s Birds on the Kiswar Tree (Trans. by Lynn Levin), Per Contra


Review (w/ W. M. Lobko) of Cathy Linh Che’s Split, Late Night Conversation – Late Night Library

KTEP’s Words on a Wire (guest, poetic license segment)

Late Night New York – Late Night Library

TRANSLATIONS (From Korean to English, unless noted)


Ten Poems by Kim Seung-hee, Korean Literature Now

From the Priestess of the Sun to the Poet of the Earth,” by Lee Kyungsoo, Korean Literature Now

“Scorched” by Otobong Nkanga, Busan Biennale (from English to Korean)


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5 poems by Han Yong-un, Columbia Journal Online